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How to guard against Brand Impersonation & Social Engineering

Wednesday 23rd June 2021, 10:00AM BST | 11:00AM CET

Cyber security has never been a higher priority for UK businesses. Brand impersonation and social engineering are rife and ransomware attacks are on the rise, regularly using such techniques as part of sophisticated infiltration strategies.

Join us on Wednesday 23rd June 2021 to uncover key information about this evolving threat landscape including:

  • How to determine whether your brand is at risk of being impersonated online

  • What controls you need to put in place to combat social engineering

  • Why training and testing your employees is a crucial element of your cyber strategy

Then listen in as James Linton, the man who (ethically!) hacked The White House tells us first-hand how he managed it and shares inside advice on how to protect your organisation from being the cyber criminals’ next victim.

Autodata is a 35-year-old cyber security focused I.T. provider dealing with midsize companies. Our consultative approach ensures customers derive maximum value and meet modern cyber security best practices through technology investments.

Many businesses lack the time and resource to manage their increasingly complex security products and overlook the basic principles of a solid security posture. Our focus is to help all our Customers gain the best return on their current investments through assistance with getting the security basics right first.